Ask The Public

Typically website owners talk about keywords or keyphrases when we describe what people type into the search box, if we were being more accurate we should probably call them search queries. We should call them queries more often,  because the person looking at the screen is ultimately asking a question. It might not always be… Read More »

Voice search grows

Staff at Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, stated  this past Thursday that a now quarter of all searches performed on Bing are voice searches. They also stated that, voice searches are becoming longer, spanning between between six and 10 words, compared to the average of 1 to 3 words for text searches. This is interesting, and… Read More »

Linkedin SEO Tips

Is your LinkedIn profile simply not getting the attention you feel it deserves? LinkedIn, like Facebook and #Google, relies on a custom search algorithm for retrieving and presenting results. Ensuring your profile gets the right amount of attention from potential clients and employers requires platform-specific optimization efforts. Will loading up your profile with tons of… Read More »

5 online tools to keep you sane

When it comes to handling workloads, many of us are faced with the same problem: How do you complete all of your  work tasks on time without going crazy? Here are 5 tools that may help. SaneBox What’s the archenemy of effective communication? Most people would probably vote for email. That’s why SaneBox exists. Over… Read More »

Basic on Page optimization Tips

  A Web page’s title tag is still  one of the most important attributes from an #SEO perspective.  Use the main keyword phrase in the beginning of the page title tag. The first 64 characters of the title tag are shown as the click-though link in a #Google search result. Every page of the website… Read More »

Google Cracks down on spam

#Google recently shared   their 2015 webspam repot. In it they said they served up 4.3 million manual actions in 2015 , that comes out to about 500 manual actions or Google manual penalties an hour! Why so many manual actions? Well, in 2015, Google saw a 180% increase in hacked sites in their index,… Read More »