March 23, 2016

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When it comes to boosting traffic, offline sources are usually overlooked. Check out these offline methods for driving customers to your website, handy tips from the SearchEnginePeople blog

Put Your Site And Logo On Branded Merchandise

The bag is something that customers will actually find practically useful. They’ll use it time and time again when they go shopping. This will constantly remind them of your brand. Other tangible, real-world items that also work well include branded t-shirts and mugs. As added bonuses, you’ll promote a positive image of your business and increase customer loyalty.

Print Out Brochures And Flyers 

Flyers and brochures might seem like an old-fashioned marketing method, but there are occasions when flyers and brochures become an effective means of driving web traffic.In the most general case, apart from trade event and shows, local businesses may distribute their brochures and flyers at grocery stores, coffee shops and libraries, which have boards or some sort of space where you can post your flyer.

Utilize Print Ads

Print ads still have their place, even in a digital world. According to statistics from iProspect and Jupiter Research, magazine ads drive about 30% of readers to websites. And while you can’t necessarily fit as much information and persuasive copy into a magazine ad as a flyer or brochure, you can still include enough to motivate the reader and drive traffic to your site.

Create And Share  Business Cards

Business cards still have their place in modern marketing, despite what you may have heard. They’re the favored means of swapping information at conferences, and can serve as a memorable means of promoting your brand’s uniqueness in any real-word situation. Furthermore, they can be an excellent tool for driving relevant traffic to your site.

Attend And/Or Sponsor Events

Attending events enables you to build relationships with those interested in the same industry, trade or niche as you. Use this opportunity to impact others in the physical world and drive more traffic to your site.

You can find more tips and information about offline marketing by reading the full article at SearchEnginePeople

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