April 20, 2016

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As a content marketer, being able to tell a good story should be one of your core skills. Below are some tips to help brands tell a better story, thus engaging with customers and compelling them into action. These tips come courtesy of the team over at TopRankMarketing

Create Irony

Irony can be an incredibly effective tool in your storytelling arsenal as it forces the reader to analyze the situation in more detail. As a brand, getting the audience to think through your message, to spend more time with it – is a good thing.

To start adding more irony to your content strategy, try the following exercise:

Take some time each day to look at images
Write down what you think is happening in the image
Then, write down the opposite.
Then take both of those scenarios to the extreme. Wire your mind to be absurd. If you can do this, you can find stories that connect with the audience on a deeper level, compelling them to act.

Find Conflict

Human brains are wired to seek out the conflict and take joy in the resolution.

To create a more compelling story, start with documenting the problem your brand solves and everything that can happen before you enter the picture. This is the conflict and will become the cornerstone of your story.After you have the story written, then edit with the Rule of Replacement by:Counting the instances of ‘and’ within the copy
Do the ‘and’s outnumber ‘but’ and ‘therefore’?
If so, replace ‘and’ with ‘but’ and ‘therefore’ to create more conflict

Heighten the Story

Now that you have a story to work with, it’s time to push narrative further.

Here’s an exercise to get you started:

Pretend for a minute that the problem your company solves goes unchecked.
What would happen? Document everything you can think of, no matter how crazy.
Now, document how the outcome would have been different had your product or service entered the story earlier.
Mayhem from Allstate is one of the best examples of a brand heightening the story. The story they tell is everyone’s worst nightmare and in painting such a vivid picture, they are able to connect with the audience. On the flip side, had they started with the product they would be telling a very similar story as the competition.


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