5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Keyword Research

February 9, 2016

A  recent study from Comscore found Pinterest users spend twice as much money as the average social media user.

So understanding your highest potential keywords on Pinterest will help you reach the shopping minded, high spending, online active customers that will be most valuable to your business.

Pinterest has many ways to support your keyword research. Here is a step by step guide to how to approach your keyword research on Pinterest.

The first step easy. Pinterest have organized all content into popular categories that you can easily explore. They even give you specific details about the popularity of each category and subcategory.

On every category page Pinterest lists the most common related topics as subcategories. you can Click through categories and subcategories to find the most popular topics associated with your category.

With each subtopic you can also see the number of followers . You can think of these topics as keyword groups. Knowing how many people are following this topic helps you determine how valuable this group will be to pursue.

Type any of these topics into the Pinterest search box. Like or any popular search engine you will begin to see the most popular phrases associated with those keywords that appear as auto complete options in the drop down menu.

Pinterest shows you the most popular auto complete phrases, along with popular pinners and boards with that same keyword.

Click search on one of those keywords in the Pinterest search box. Below the Pinterest search box will appear the “Guides”. These are the words most commonly searched with the search term you entered.

You can easily drag your cursor over these words moving to the right to select all keywords. Then save them to wherever you keep track of your keywords.

Similar to researching keywords on google’s Adwords, you can use Pinterest Promoted Pins to discover popular keywords and long tail phrases.

Board titles, board descriptions, and Pin captions are all great places to get your keywords.

When you have an idea of what keywords might work well for you, try creating some similar Pins loaded with different keywords. Then compare how each performs on Pinterest.

Learning your most valuable keywords from Pinterest provides many opportunities.


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