7 go to places for blogging inspiration

April 5, 2016


It’s not always easy to come up with a content idea that will lead to an interesting post, especially when there’s  lack of inspiration.

In order to  feel inspired for your next post, it is helpful to get organised  and create a list of resources that will help you find an idea for your next post. Here are 7 to get you started.

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is all about organisation and curation and that’s what makes it great when looking for your next idea. Whether it’s a group board on your favourite topics  or a custom made board from you to collect interesting articles, Pinterest is useful for content discovery.

Pulse by LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s own publishing platform, Pulse, attracts many influencers posting about several different topics and of course, everyone can be part of it.

There’s an impressive quantity of great content, which could educate you on a topic, inspire you to write about it.


Google offers  interesting insights on the most popular topics, but it also allows you to compare up to five search terms and analyse their popularity.


Buzzsumo is a very powerful platform for content analysis, you can the free version to find the most shared topics in many categories, or even a few of the most popular topics from a site of your choice. You can even use its plugin for your browser and analyse the performance of your own posts on social media.


Ruzzit compiles the most shared content on the web and it’s very useful because you can divide the content depending on its type, videos, images, or articles.


Reddit won’t disappoint you with content discovery, provided that you’re willing to search for all the right sub-categories until you feel inspired enough to write.


Digg will help you find websites with the content you want. You can also use StumbleUpon and Delicious.



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