Basic on Page optimization Tips

May 6, 2016



A Web page’s title tag is still  one of the most important attributes from an perspective.  Use the main keyword phrase in the beginning of the page title tag. The first 64 characters of the title tag are shown as the click-though link in a search result. Every page of the website should have a unique page title tag.
Meta description tags help attract visitors from the search results page. Include one or two keyword phrases that describe the page’s content, and keep meta descriptions under 160 characters.
The H1 tag is the header of the page. You should have only one H1 tag per page.
Use your designated keyword phrase at least once near the beginning of the content, and also anywhere it makes sense. Don’t use the keyword phrase, its variation or a synonym more than 4-5 times per page.
Alt tags are the floating descriptions that show up when you mouse over an image. It’s usually best  to use keywords and their variations in the alt text of an image, and also in the image filename.


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