Blogging for SEO: Quick tips for beginners

March 7, 2016


According to a recent study by Neil Patel, Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more leads than companies without blogs. Blogging is most definitely a way to keep your face in front of current and potential customers. Here are some tips for Blogging success from the team at SearchEngineWatch.


Search engine bots are looking for sites with authority and trust. They want to know that your site knows what it’s talking about and that the online neighborhood agrees. In case you’re wondering, the neighborhood is the collection of other sites, business, social media influencers, and the like that are in your field or area of interest. If they’re sharing your content, the search engines take notice. Use normal language. If your blog sounds like an elementary school child or someone with English as a second language wrote it, will know. And so will your site visitors. When it comes to content, quality is better than quantity.

Keep it fresh

Google  bots love fresh content. They score the freshness factor of a web page from the date it was first discovered by the bots or the date it was last updated. Content needs to be fresh. To solve this dilemma, you can repurpose existing content. Or you can create new content via your blog. But don’t just churn out robotic content, Switch it up every so often, you need a new angle, a new idea, a new topic something! A blog is an excellent platform for all manner of content – articles, infographics, podcasts, videos, news updates, how-to-guides, white papers, case studies, anything that keeps you in front of the faces of current and potential customers.


Every good blogger knows that a site with multiple, quality is going to do well in search engine results. You can build quality links by guest posting on sites with a high authority (or high trust) rating. Just make sure they’re in your your industry or niche. For instance, if your site is about bird watching, look for home and garden sites, wildlife blogs, and the like. You can also build  outbound links in your on-site blog posts. Here again, make sure every link is on-topic. Blogging is about building quality relationships.

Go for the long haul

Blogging won’t necessarily get you to the top of Google  overnight. It’s a long-term strategy to build trust, value, and momentum. While not every blog post may be sensational, every post does need to provide value to the reader. Ultimately, that’s what you’re after. Because more engagement and more shares lead to higher rankings, more visibility, and more customers.


You can read the full article and find more blogging tips over at SearchEngineWatch

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