Competitor Keyword Analysis and other tricks with XOVI I SEJ

January 12, 2016

can sometimes be a bit of a minefield requiring prior experience and expertise. XOVI, an and social monitoring software, presents a few quick and easy tricks which anyone can carry out using their popular all-in-one marketing suite.

Everyone knows keywords are important, but how do you know which ones matter most? One way of deciding which keywords to target for your website is by taking inspiration from your competitors. Simply enter your own domain and a competitor domain in XOVI’s domain comparison tool to view the keywords for which each domain ranks in the top 100 in .com,,, etc.

Turn off the results for your own domain to view only those keywords for which your competitor ranks, but for which you do not at all (as seen in the screenshot below).

are as important as ever when it comes to good SEO – not just for Google but for your visitors, too. It’s no longer just a question of quantity, but increasingly of quality as well.  need to be thematically relevant and one thing you certainly don’t want are broken links.

Broken internal links with 404 errors frustrate both your visitors and Google. Run an on page analysis in XOVI and head to Anchor Texts > All internal links. Filter for any URLs with a 404 error and react accordingly.



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