The end of Google Toolbar PageRank

March 10, 2016

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has officially killed off Toolbar PageRank scores for browser tools that use it.  PageRank was heavily used by SEOs and webmasters in the early 2000s  but now will be unavailable to all within a few weeks.
So  March 7th was the last Google Toolbar PageRank update, which essentially removed the data used by external tools.

Google does still use PageRank internally and it is still an important factor in their algorithm. But the external PageRank score shown in these tools and the Toolbar  was between 0 & 10, whereas the score used by Google internally is more complex.
Google has been killing off PageRank in the toolbar for years and years. In 2007, Google asked webmasters for feedback on removing PageRank, and again in 2009, Google removed showing PageRank like data in Webmaster Tools (Search Console).
In 2012, Google stopped updating external PageRank . Since then Google told us that it will never update PageRank in the toolbar again.

Most experts these days are focusing more and more on Trust and authority metrics such as those used by MajesticSEO and Moz.

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