Essential Features in any Rank Checking Tool

February 16, 2016

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Finding a tool that can check your ranking in a particular search engine accurately and easily across multiple platforms is not as easy as it sounds. So what should you look for when choosing a tool? Here are some pf the features you should not do without. I found this great list of essential features over at

1) Cloud Based Auto Checker

Busy people can’t afford to waste time opening a desktop rank tracking app to check rankings manually. Don’t get me wrong, there are great rank tracking apps out there that run on desktop.

Having a could based auto checking rank tracker gives you the ability of historical data comparison. Yes you can have that with a desktop app but if you miss one week then your historical data gets skewed or incomplete.

2) Accuracy

Some rank trackers  miss the spot. 1 or 2 inaccurate rankings muddy the pool – you feel like you just can’t trust that rank tracker anymore. You feel like you need to go ahead and check the rankings manually using ’s incognito browser – which is a bad idea.

Local results shouldn’t skew the data as well. Some rank trackers take local data into organic rankings and just skews everything. Local results should be an option that’s separately tracked by the rank tracker.

3) Ability to Check Local Results

A good local result check would separate the local listing data from the organic results listing. That way, you know if you’re ranking well organically on Google’s top 10 and if you’re ranking well on local search.

4) Speed

When I manually pull my data, I don’t want the rank checker to tell me that I have to wait hours or days for my data to refresh. I just can’t wait for that and I just can’t hold the thought in my mind that I need to check back. I forget to check back. And chances are, you forget too.

When I hit the check button, I want the rankings to refresh in a matter of seconds. That’s important for me because I can make decisions and pivots in our strategy in a moment’s notice.

5) Reports

Email is my number one signal. As such, I want the rankings of my clients to be sent to me via email – every week. Just a summary of what’s happening. This also reminds me to check back in our rank tracking tool more often.

6) Monitor my Competitors

A study of what my competitors are and are not doing and seeing the results in their rankings is worth its weight in gold. I check in often to competitor’s websites so I get to see the minute details and changes they do. The only way to know if it’s really taking effect on their rankings is to load them up on my weekly rank checker on the cloud.


To get the full list check out the original article over at

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