Google integrates Panda into the core ranking algorithm | SEW

January 12, 2016

is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals. It measures the quality of a site, which you can read more about in our guidelines. Panda allows to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

More perspective on SERPs flux. Bonkers. Maybe multiple things going on by looks of it – just my thoughts tho 😉

You may have followed the various murmurings on Twitter and beyond about a possible algorithm update from Google. Certainly the data seemed to suggest that something was happening.

This time around Google has made Panda part of its core ranking algorithm, meaning that it will be paying more attention to site quality signals than ever before.

“The Panda algorithm may continue to show such a site for more specific and highly-relevant queries, but its visibility will be reduced for queries where the site owner’s benefit is disproportionate to the user’s benefit.”

“If you believe your site is affected by the Panda algorithm, in Search Console’s Search Analytics feature you can identify the queries which lead to pages that provide overly vague information, or don’t seem to satisfy the user need for a query.”




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