Google Says Outbound Links Are Not A Ranking Factor

February 10, 2016

2016-02-10 09_54_37-Google Says Outbound Links Are Not A Ranking Factor

In an article recently in Search Engine Round Table, Outbound are not a ranking factor. At least according to :

Our point of view, external links to other sites, so links from your site to other people’s sites isn’t specifically a ranking factor. But it can bring value to your content and that in turn can be relevant for us in search. And whether or not they are not followed, doesn’t really matter.


In the Google Hangout from earlier this week, John Mueller filled us up with yes and nos to is this a ranking factor or not, hence all the stories here covering that hangout. At the 19 minute 53 second mark into the video, John said that external links, links on your web site that point to outside web sites (or outbound links) are not a ranking signal.

Just to be clear, links are a ranking factor – but you linking out to other sites doesn’t help you rank better.

He said the content you use for the link anchor, is content, and content is a ranking signal. But the link itself is not a ranking factor.


Read the full article over at Search Engine Round Table:  Google Says Outbound Links Are Not A Ranking Factor


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