How To Do Money Making Semantic Keyword Research

February 12, 2016


In spite of all the changes in the   marketer’s life, there’s one constant that hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. Keyword research. Here are some result-oriented ways of improving your keyword research strategy, from Searchengine people.

Go beyond the Keyword

There are more efficient and elegant ways of arriving at keywords, or rather keyword phrases, relevant to your business. Listen to conversations about your brand, competition, or product category. It gives a clear picture of what your target audience cares about and what type of content will work for them. Questions on Quora, LinkedIn groups, and forums related to your industry niche are great starting points.

Talk to customer care representatives and sales teams that interact with customers on a daily basis. Find out what your customers pain areas are, what kind of data they look for online, and what they don’t understand about your product.

Great advice, and there is more:

Focus on Long tail keywords

We hear this advice from the best SEO’s, and yet we obsess over our head keywords. The ones every other competitor is focusing on. The result? Measly organic rankings and intense competition for the same set of keywords from a PPCperspective. 70% of searches reflect long tail keywords, not commercially successful PPC keywords. Doesn’t it make you feel a little silly wasting all your time on the 30% of searches that happen? Many marketers avoid spending too much time on long tail keywords. There are simply too many and there’s too little time to do justice to them all. But what if I tell you that these long tail keywords may not bring in loads of traffic, but their conversion rates are exponentially better than mainstream keywords. The reason for this is simple. By the time a user searches using specific details, creating long tail keywords, they have already matured in their decision making process and are closer to making a purchase.

Read the full article here How To Do Money Making Semantic Keyword Research and find other useful SEO tips from SearchEnginePeople.


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