Link Building with Infographics

March 8, 2016


Creating infographics has been a popular link building tactics for the last few years, and many blog owners have gotten brand mentions and social shares through using this method.
Though this approach to  link building is getting more saturated by the day, it can still prove effective, especially when data visualization is done well.
There are lots of ways to get quality with infographics, and you will need a strong content promotion stratergy before your infographics will be able to attract more natural and social mentions. Here are Some methods that can be used to promote your infographics:

  • Manual email outreach to bloggers who might find the infographic useful to their readers
  • Social outreach to influencers on Twitter, Facebook and +
  • Advertising through paid discovery on Stumbleupon or Reddit’s sponsored link
  • Providing embed codes to make linking easier for bloggers

You can also check out this list of infographic directory sites provided by Paddy Moogan  where you can promote your infographics  build more links to your site.

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