Long Tail Keywords. Why You Need Them

February 24, 2016


We all know keywords are important, and long tail keywords are perhaps most important of all. Here’s why:

 Cheaper Rankings

Long tail Keywords tend to be a lot easier to rank for than more specific single or double keyword phrases.  Try and rank for the keyword Travel for example, you would find that the first page on is taken up by big companies like Wikipedia and the BBC. It would be very difficult for any small businesses to appear on the first page of Google’s results for this keyword. If however you tried to rank for outdoor holidays Wales there is a very good chance that a small company would be able to reach the top of Google’s search results for that term.

Long tail keywords are also more affordable in a Google AdWords campaign. The term Travel would likely be prohibitively expensive for a small company, whereas outdoor Holidays Wales would be affordable.

Higher Sales Conversions

Long tail keywords are words which are very specific to what you are selling. When a potential customer uses the phrase outdoor Holidays Wales there is a good chance that they are planning on spending money on precisely that. Someone searching only for Travel is much less likely to be a potential customer. Long Tail Keywords are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches

More Content

Around seventy percent of page views are the direct result of long-tailed keywords, so it makes sense to target dozens or even hundreds of easy-to-rank-for long tail keywords. Creating pages on your website that target these long tail keywords is a good idea. You’ll likely be creating more pages and Google likes sites that have lots of content, It makes your site look more substantial and more helpful.

How To Find The Best Long Tail Keywords

The Google Adwords keyword tool is a good place to start. It not only suggests keywords and provides estimated search volume, but also predicts the cost of running paid campaigns for these terms.

The long tail keywords you choose should be relevant to your website’s content. Try to think what potential customers are likely to type into google’s search engine. Check out the competition, look at other adword campaigns. When you think you have the right combination of words you could buy a sample campaign from Google AdWords to get an idea of how effective your long tail keyword will be.

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