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March 15, 2016


With over 50% of all searches performed from a mobile device, it’s important that website owners  ensure their websites are optimized for mobile. Check out some these tips We found at TopRankMarketingBlog:

Optimize Page Speed

We’ve all experienced a website that’s slow to load, and this frustration is a leading factor for page abandonment. Delight your users with pages that load in the blink of an eye. Page speed is  an important factor in Google ranking, so it’s important to test and address page speed regularly. For mobile users, most people say they typically wait 6-10 seconds before they abandon pages.

Standardize local search

Google is aware of a searcher’s physical location when any type of search is performed on mobile. They may not specify that they’re looking for a “shop in London” but results will include geographical relevant results. Standardizing your company’s NAP information (name, address, phone) across local directories ensure local customers can quickly locate accurate contact information, and will also support local rankings for searches related to your company, services or products.

Don’t Block CSS, JavaScript, or Images

Blocking these files used to be standard practice, as older mobile phones did not support these elements. Today’s smartphone capabilities are able to load CSS (style sheets), Javascript (commonly used for interactive effects) and images – and Google wants to access these too!

Analyze & Test

Take a look at your website’s analytics to understand how mobile users interact with your website. Specifically, analyze what the most popular pages for mobile visitors are and which pages have the highest bounce rate for mobile visits. With these insights, pull up your site with a mobile device and ask yourself these questions:/blockquote>

  • Is the most important information easy to find?
  • Are the forms short and simple to complete?
  • Are the images resizing correctly to fit your screen?
  • Is the company phone number “click-to-call”?


You can check out the full story at TopRankMarketingBlog

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