Mobile SEO Pop-Ups

April 25, 2016

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Pop ups may be useful on a website if the user is on a desktop computer, but for mobile users they can be a quick way to loose a visitor to your website

Many cheap pop-up tools and plugins look fine on desktop screens but completely ruin the user experience on mobile devices. They can be difficult to close, and sometimes you can’t even close them. Not surprisingly, they will  cause any visitors to your website to instantly close the window.

Solutions to a pop-up problem on mobile devices:

Get Rid of Them

The first option is to disable pop-ups for  mobile visitors. This is a good solution, however not all pop-up tools allow you to do this easily.

Simplify Them

Another solution, is to make any forms as simple as possible to fill out (minimize the number of fields) and make them easy to close. Be careful though, it can be tricky to get right and you may still end up loosing users if you don’t get it right. Use analytics to make sure you aren’t scaring users away.

Only Use Pop-Ups When a Visitor Clicks

This is another great option. The idea  is that you don’t use pop-ups that come up after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your pages. Instead, you offer them some sort of lead  and tell them to click a link to get it. Then, the pop-up will come up and ask for their information. People are much more receptive to pop-ups in this situation because they’re the ones who asked for it.

If your current pop-up tool can’t handle these modifications, it’s time to upgrade to one that can.

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