New from old. How to recycle your old content

March 3, 2016


Writing about the same thing week in week out can be frustrating, especially if your blog exists in a narrow niche. But chances are there are old articles that with a little work can shine again. Here are a few tips on recycling old content into something fresh and relevant.

Refresh And Rewrite Old Articles

The nature of online articles means that older ones are quickly forgotten, while fresh ones are promoted by search engines. Because of this, with time, some of your best posts will disappear from the archives never to be seen again. Instead of giving up on long forgotten content you can refresh, & rewrite it to breathe new life onto it.

New facts, information & studies  can help you tell the story better and attract more visitors. You can even change the headline of the article, just don’t change the URL, as it will generate a broken link.

Write A Part Two Follow-up

Identify  articles that performed extremely well in the past and extend their life by creating a part two follow-up. For example, if you wrote the beginner’s guide to acrylic painting, maybe a part two with the beginner’s guide to watercolors would benefit your readers.

When applying this tactic, it can be a good idea to  use the original title of the article + “part 2”. This will let readers know that you have covered the topic in detail and will draw attention to your original article (as long as you have a link back to it).

Turn Your Best Articles Into Infographics

Infographics, represent a great way to break down a data-heavy blog post into a visually-attractive and highly-shareable piece of content. They are also a great way to generate high-quality . According to a recent study, websites that publish infographics on a regular basis have 12% more traffic than those that don’t.

Transform Articles Into SlideShare Presentations 

Meaningful quotes, interesting statistics and actionable advice make great slides. Take your most successful blog-posts and transform them into SlideShare presentations. Because SlideShare has a huge, growing community, you will expose your articles to potential new customers. The secret to creating successful presentations lies in mixing well-chosen imagery with informative content.

You can find more tips on reusing old content over at SearchEnginePeople

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