Tools for Monitoring Social Traffic

  Here is a comprehensive list of social media monitoring tools. All the tools you will ever need! Tools for Monitoring Social Traffic Hootsuite Brandwatch Raven Tools Sprout Social Audiense SEMrush NUVI SocialPilot Buffer Mento Iconosquare (for Instagram) Adobe SiteCatalyst Tools for Monitoring… Read More »

SEO Tips for your Images

  Here are a few basic tips to make sure you get the best #SEO results from the images on your website. Create Image Sitemaps creating an Image Sitemap to list all the images on your site is a good place to start. The main reason behind this is image discover ability, especially for images… Read More »

Mobile SEO Pop-Ups

Pop ups may be useful on a website if the user is on a desktop computer, but for mobile users they can be a quick way to loose a visitor to your website Many cheap pop-up tools and plugins look fine on desktop screens but completely ruin the user experience on mobile devices. They can… Read More »

Content Marketing. Importance of Images

A lot of internet users are skimming rather than reading a text these days because the online information overload. Visual content engages with a reader as fast which is why publishers tend to rely on it even more every year. Some of the reasons that internet users prefer visual content over plain text are: It… Read More »

Twitter’s new Ad groups tool

Twitter have released a new advertising tool to help you target the right audience. According to Twitter: “Ad groups introduce a new level in our campaign hierarchy: one campaign can have many ad groups, and an ad group can have many targeting criteria and creatives. This level of granular control helps advertisers improve how they… Read More »

As a content marketer, being able to tell a good story should be one of your core skills. Below are some tips to help brands tell a better story, thus engaging with customers and compelling them into action. These tips come courtesy of the team over at TopRankMarketing Create Irony Irony can be an incredibly… Read More »

Content: Size does matter

There is two important areas of thinking when it comes to the actual content in in content marketing. The first is the popular belief that the more often you publish content the better for your content marketing strategy. This may be true, But what happens when you start to run low on material? In any… Read More »

Top Google news stories of the week

#Google begins testing green ‘ad’ labels Some people starting spotting green ‘ad’ labels on Google paid ads recently Initially it seemed to be a UK test, but now people have seen examples from around Europe, the US and Australia so it seems Google is testing this widely. The question is why. Making them seem more… Read More »