Instagram Marketing Tools Managing multiple Instagram accounts can be a bit of a headache. luckily, Instagram’s latest app update gave users the ability to add and manage up to five accounts. However, if you’re looking for a little more functionality, may be worth considering. Hootsuite Hootsuite just added Instagram capabilities last year, and offers both free… Read More »

How much time do you need to spend to make significant improvements to your PPC campaigns? only about 25 minutes a day according to a recent article I found over at searchEngineWatch.  In less than half an hour a day you could save yourself money on wasted Ad campaigns. Here are some tips from that… Read More »

Marketing Tips for Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, doing proper research is vital. There is no point wasting precious time on social media if it does not produce any reward like more traffic or brand recognition. There are social media strategies you probably haven’t considered  that will make you much more effective on social media platforms. Here… Read More »

7 guides to great blogging

Writing a blog is not easy. At least writing a good blog is not. Coming up with original ideas and fresh content can be tough especially if you blog in a small niche subject. and with over a billion blogs on the internet right now it is not difficult to see why. However, if you have… Read More »

Google AdWords Redesign

Yesterday, via their AdWords blog,  #Google announced they are beginning a major redesign of the AdWords platform.  This update will take place over the next two years, being completed in 2017. Google offered a little insight into what the actual changes might be. Below is a picture of what the new adwords may look like… Read More »