Use Content to Drive Results

In a recent blog from SearchEngineJournal I found some new and interesting ways to use your content to drive your marketing results to new levels. Here are some of my favorite methods from that article Reach Customers on a Personal Level With Audio Lots of people listen to podcasts.  According to Maximize Social Business, an… Read More »

SEO tips: URL Structure.

URL structure is an important aspect of technical #SEO and should be taken into account early on to reduce any potential issues over time. URLs should be concise and include keywords as much as possible without keyword stuffing. A method to make sure that a URL is concise with keywords is to use a static… Read More »

When it comes to boosting traffic, offline sources are usually overlooked. Check out these offline methods for driving customers to your website, handy tips from the SearchEnginePeople blog Put Your Site And Logo On Branded Merchandise The bag is something that customers will actually find practically useful. They’ll use it time and time again when… Read More »

Speed up your eCommerce website for more sales

Page load time is a customer service must do.  Getting good load times will give website owners a substantial edge over  competition. Why? According to Kissmetrics, the average e-commerce website takes 6.5 seconds to load – and a 1-second delay equates to a 7% drop in conversions. So are e-commerce sites are getting faster to… Read More »

3 Interesting news stories from last week

  #Google Analytics launches 360 Suite Google Analytics has launched a brand new product this week called Google Analytics 360. It promises to help enterprises  achieve a more fully-formed view of the customer through a set of “integrated data and marketing analytic s products.” These products include: Google Audience Center 360 (beta): Google’s first ever… Read More »

Make Your content stand out

Making your content stand out in the search engine results means taking a comprehensive view of  both your customers and your content. Your content will see organic search success when you are the brand that customers already trust and know when they type in a query. Getting to this point means producing high-quality content that… Read More »

Mobile Marketing Tips

With over 50% of all #Google searches performed from a mobile device, it’s important that website owners  ensure their websites are optimized for mobile. Check out some these tips We found at TopRankMarketingBlog: Optimize Page Speed We’ve all experienced a website that’s slow to load, and this frustration is a leading factor for page abandonment.… Read More »

Google Latest updates

#Google has removed PageRank from public view If you’ve been using a PageRank tool in your browser You will need to find an alternative. As confirmed by Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, Google is removing PageRank from its Toolbar. PageRank will still be used internally by Google, but as trends continue towards machine learning… Read More »