Quick SEO tips to get you started

April 14, 2016

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Claim your physical address on Maps.

local business with a physical location should make sure they claim their physical address on Google Maps.

Don’t just rely on Google

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Google can change the way it ranks sites, the way it display results at any time, which could adversely affect your search traffic. Look to build email lists, use social media etc so that you’re attracting customers from a range of sources.

Don’t go keyword-crazy

Yes, you want to target the terms that your customers are likely to search for, but you have to write for humans, or your content will be weak.

Use a clear URL structure

People should be able to guess the topic of a page just by looking at the URL

Encourage reviews

Reviews will help to drive conversions but, from an perspective, they help to drive your local SEO visibility.

Set up Google Analytics

It’s free and it’s essential for you to understand customer behaviour, traffic sources and more

Optimize your Google My Business profile

If you have a physical store, provide opening times, directions and other useful information.

Find out who is linking to you and learn from it

You can view the you receive through tools like Majestic and SEMRush.

Write a unique meta title for every page

On Google, you have around 55 characters to make the topic of a page clear to searchers and search engine


If you have the budget, PPC can deliver traffic more quickly. You can see which keywords work best for conversions and can help you to improve your landing pages.

Understand your online audience

Who is your typical online customer? What are they looking for? How do they spend their time online? What kind of content do they like to consume? When you completely understand your audience, you will understand what you need to do online to grab their attention.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Developing mobile sites can now be done easily with simple plugins. Making all of your content mobile-friendly can be done quickly and cheaply.

Optimize it for fast load-speed and it  will help you stand out from the competition in terms of performance.


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