SEO Tips for your Images

April 28, 2016

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Here are a few basic tips to make sure you get the best results from the images on your website.

Create Image Sitemaps
creating an Image Sitemap to list all the images on your site is a good place to start. The main reason behind this is image discover ability, especially for images which are accessed through scripts. You can just add an image sitemap to your current sitemap.


Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets containing photos are great. If you have an online business, find a single image which best represents you. Doing this will lower your bounce rates and increase your click-through rates.


Backlink To Images
This works exactly like normal on-page  SEO backlinking. Try to link to your own site’s images from within, with descriptive keywords. If you can get other high PR sites to link back to a specific image, that’s great.


The EXIF information is usually pre-compiled data, created by devices you take pictures on. The information is embedded into the photo. You can alter it to contain your desired keywords, your site’s name and any other information.


Having captions for each image presented on your website can do wonders for your  rankings.  photos are “helped” by captions.

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