SEO tips: URL Structure.

March 28, 2016


URL structure is an important aspect of technical and should be taken into account early on to reduce any potential issues over time.

URLs should be concise and include keywords as much as possible without keyword stuffing. A method to make sure that a URL is concise with keywords is to use a static URL over a dynamic URL. The static URL should follow the pattern of the navigation and how visitors navigate throughout the site. By making the URL structure follow the navigation format, you can create a hierarchy that helps search engines associate certain pages together as opposed to a flat URL structure.

There are other situations that  yourURLs should stay away from.  There should not be any underscores or uppercase letters in a URL structure as the various search engines deal with them differently.

Do not change the URL structure of your website for the sake of SEO. Changing the URL structure is a strategy that should only be applied when appropriate.

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