Six techniques to save you money with AdWords

February 22, 2016


Everyone wants to get the best possible value out of their AdWords campaigns, stretching the budget as much as possible. Here are some great tips from the team over at Search Engine Watch:

IP exclusions

How many times would you say you look at your own ads? 10-20 times a month?Unwillingly you are increasing impressions, which can decrease your click-through rate and have a negative knock-on effect on your quality scores.

Ultimately, your cost-per-click could increase due to general maintenance on your account.

Therefore, as part of the set up,  ensure that your IP address and clients IP addresses are excluded. Use the Ad Preview Tool .


Google Search Partners

Search partners extend the reach of search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as Google Maps, YouTube and other Google sites. This is great in some cases; however, you may find that it ends up being a costly avenue and a waste of budget.

Note: Your ads are set to show on the Google Search Partners network as default.To find out how Google Search Partner traffic is affecting your campaign simply find the Segment drop down tab and select Network (with Search Partners).

This will divide your traffic into Google only and Search Partners, so you can see if it is profitable to you.To stop showing yours ads to this traffic simply un-tick the option within the campaign settings.

Location reports

You will be amazed at the difference in click costs on a city by city basis. City centres are generally more expensive than towns and rural areas. London, of course, lives up to its reputation as normally the most expensive city to target in the UK.

Paying continual attention to your location reports can save you a lot of money in click costs. For each Campaign, within the Settings tab, you can break down the United Kingdom (or any country)

in to a range of geographic criteria.County, City and Postal Code are the criteria that I use the most and each can be used to breakdown the prior further i.e. if a certain city is performing well, I will then break the city into postcodes.

city drop down menu

I can then see if there are any that have a good cost-per-conversion or see if they are draining my budget, in which case they will then be excluded.

However, most of the time, I will set a Bid Adjustment before excluding a location as this will allow me to see if I can generate a good cost-per-conversion at a lower cost-per-click before completely disregarding that location.Likewise, if I think I have room to up spend in a location to gain a better ad position and more conversions then I will increase the bid adjustment on that location.

Ad scheduling

AdWords allows you to schedule your ad to run at specific times and on specific days. This provides the opportunity to save budget by stopping your ads from showing at times when customers are not likely to convert. This is normally in the early hours of the morning or for most B2B businesses at the weekend.

Google Analytics provides an entire section allowing you to find out what the most popular times are for your customers to convert through AdWords.

Within the Acquisition tab, under AdWords there is a section titled Hour of Day which allows you to see important statistics on clicks, conversions and conversion rate for Day of Week and Hour of Day. From this you can start to restrict the times you want your ads to show and begin to optimise your spend.


Check out the full article over at Search Engine Watch

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