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Linkedin SEO Tips

Is your LinkedIn profile simply not getting the attention you feel it deserves? LinkedIn, like Facebook and #Google, relies on a custom search algorithm for retrieving and presenting results. Ensuring your profile gets the right amount of attention from potential clients and employers requires platform-specific optimization efforts. Will loading up your profile with tons of… Read More »

Top Google news stories of the week

#Google begins testing green ‘ad’ labels Some people starting spotting green ‘ad’ labels on Google paid ads recently Initially it seemed to be a UK test, but now people have seen examples from around Europe, the US and Australia so it seems Google is testing this widely. The question is why. Making them seem more… Read More »

Make Your content stand out

Making your content stand out in the search engine results means taking a comprehensive view of  both your customers and your content. Your content will see organic search success when you are the brand that customers already trust and know when they type in a query. Getting to this point means producing high-quality content that… Read More »

Link Building with Infographics

Creating infographics has been a popular link building tactics for the last few years, and many blog owners have gotten brand mentions and social shares through using this method. Though this approach to  link building is getting more saturated by the day, it can still prove effective, especially when data visualization is done well. There… Read More »