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Ask The Public

Typically website owners talk about keywords or keyphrases when we describe what people type into the search box, if we were being more accurate we should probably call them search queries. We should call them queries more often,  because the person looking at the screen is ultimately asking a question. It might not always be… Read More »

Basic on Page optimization Tips

  A Web page’s title tag is still  one of the most important attributes from an #SEO perspective.  Use the main keyword phrase in the beginning of the page title tag. The first 64 characters of the title tag are shown as the click-though link in a #Google search result. Every page of the website… Read More »

SEO Tips for your Images

  Here are a few basic tips to make sure you get the best #SEO results from the images on your website. Create Image Sitemaps creating an Image Sitemap to list all the images on your site is a good place to start. The main reason behind this is image discover ability, especially for images… Read More »