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SEO tips: URL Structure.

URL structure is an important aspect of technical #SEO and should be taken into account early on to reduce any potential issues over time. URLs should be concise and include keywords as much as possible without keyword stuffing. A method to make sure that a URL is concise with keywords is to use a static… Read More »

Google Latest updates

#Google has removed PageRank from public view If you’ve been using a PageRank tool in your browser You will need to find an alternative. As confirmed by Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, Google is removing PageRank from its Toolbar. PageRank will still be used internally by Google, but as trends continue towards machine learning… Read More »

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest is often missed out in social media #SEO campaigns. Millions of websites that have Facebook and Twitter accounts do not have an active pinterest campaign. That means you have a chance to  get ahead of the competition by starting your own campaign. But how do you get started? Here are a few tips to… Read More »

The end of Google Toolbar PageRank

#Google has officially killed off Toolbar PageRank scores for browser tools that use it.  PageRank was heavily used by SEOs and webmasters in the early 2000s  but now will be unavailable to all within a few weeks. So  March 7th was the last Google Toolbar PageRank update, which essentially removed the data used by external… Read More »

YouTube. Ranking Tips

YouTube is not only the most popular way to share video content on the web, it is also the second most used search engine on the web. Getting your YouTube channel to rank well will give your overall #SEO strategy a boost. Here are some tips to get you started that i found over at… Read More »

Optimize Images for SEO

  We all know that we should put images in our blog posts, Facebook pages, Tweets and so on. People like content with pictures in. But what about #SEO? People often forget that images need to be optimized for SEO too. Here are some tips and tricks for making sure your images are fully optimized… Read More »