Tips for Low Budget PPC Success.

April 26, 2016

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Here are some tips to get your PPC campaigns of to a flying start, even while on a tight budget. I came across these tips and more over at Portent blog

1 Start with just your core products or services
When starting a PPC campaign for the first time, focus on just one or two of your best products or services.

Think about these questions:

Which products/services are most popular?
Which products/services have the best conversion rate?
Which products/services have the highest profit margin?
Ideally, one of your business offerings is both popular with customers and offers a high-profit margin. If that’s the case, start there. If not, find a combination of something that sells well and results in profit on your end. Be sure to stay away from promoting everything your business sells- if it’s a wide range of offerings, your budget may be stretched too thin to gain traction.

2 Segment themed campaigns and tightly-knit ad groups
Determin the success of a pay-per-click advertising campaign with the Quality Score.

Quality Score is ’s way of grading each of the keywords in your account based on relevancy. The higher the QS, the more relevant your ad placement is to a search query and the less you will pay for that ad position. One way to achieve strong Quality Scores is by effectively structuring the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords within your account. By segmenting campaigns and ad groups into tightly-knit themes you can effectively match keywords, ads and landing pages to help boost QS.

Dive a little deeper into account structure here.

3 Understand the ad networks and where ads will show online
Within Google AdWords, there are several different campaign types but there are three main mediums for showing paid ads that most advertisers should care about.

The Search Network places simple text ads in Google’s search engine results pages. This is the most stereotypical example of PPC.

The Display Network places ads across Google’s Display Network. These are traditionally static image ads but they can also be text ads or even animated banners.Lastly, Google Shopping will show individual products (Ecommerce advertisers only) in the search results and throughout the Shopping tab on One of the most common errors made by new advertisers on AdWords is targeting more than one network at a time. It is important to only target one ad network per campaign. Combining into one campaign will have negative effects on your results.

You can find more tips and check out the full blogpost over at Portent SEO

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