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April 18, 2016

2016-02-10 09_54_37-Google Says Outbound Links Are Not A Ranking Factor

begins testing green ‘ad’ labels

Some people starting spotting green ‘ad’ labels on Google paid ads recently

Initially it seemed to be a UK test, but now people have seen examples from around Europe, the US and Australia so it seems Google is testing this widely.

The question is why. Making them seem more like organic results is a possible explanation.

Will Google rank keywords in image alt tags?

An interesting test conducted by Dawn Anderson, which she writes about on SEM Post.

Dawn explains the test in detail, but it shows that Googlebot will read and index keywords in the image alt tag.

Mobile advertising stats

This week, SearchEngineWatch published their State of Mobile Advertising 2016 report, produced in association with Search Optics.

It contains plenty of useful insights on mobile advertising from clients and agencies.

For example, Paid search is found to be the leading mobile channel for ROI.

Google punishes bloggers for linking to reviewed products

After last month’s advice from Google to bloggers reviewing products they’ve received free of charge to nofollow any to product pages,

Bloggers reviewing products have reported receiving warning notices when logging into Search Console.  Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that these are linked to Google’s earlier advice.

Whether the action are justified or not is another matter, as we have no idea how Google can tell if links are due to freebies or not. However, bloggers now need to be careful when reviewing and linking.

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