Use Reddit search to discover winning content ideas

March 18, 2016

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The amount of content on Reddit is huge, and Reddit can be a source of high levels of traffic.  Here’s a quick walkthrough of some of the techniques you can use to mine the gold that i found on the Searchenginewatch Blog

1. Install RES

There is an extension called the Reddit Enhancement Suite, which allows you to improve and customize the Reddit experience.

2. Use the search tool

Use reddit’s search box to find content on the topic you are interested in

3. Get to grips with the subreddits

For most searches you’ll see a bunch of popular sub-categories (aka ‘subreddits’) relevant to the content you’re looking for.

You can subscribe to these, open them up in new tabs to check them out later, or ignore them.

4. Explore popular posts

Directly underneath the subreddit results you’ll see lots of individual posts. Some of these will be to third party sites. Others will be ‘self’ posts, where the user creates a text-based post (these are often question-based).

Posts are sorted by ‘relevance‘, by default. Relevance is pretty much keyword orientated.

The two other sorting options are ‘top’, which is based on the number of votes, or ‘comments’, which is self-explanatory.

5. Use the ‘time’ filter

Reddit will also unearth posts since the dawn of time (aka ‘2006’, when it was born). That’s fine, but it’s often better to see what’s been working recently.


You can see more tips and check out the full article over at SearchEngineWatch


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